Live at Gelredome


Dutch Rock star Anouk needed a tailor-made costume for her live show at the Gelredome. Bad-ass, sexy and sensual while still practical were the keywords. As a basis, we used a gorgeously woven indigo and silver fabric. We made and colored the lace by hand, some of it metallic and interwoven with silver threads. This creation was made under Pi2 where Inez was co-owner, designer and coupeur.

Interested in a personal creation?
Here are the next steps:


We meet in the studio or at your place. We discuss your wishes in details.


I make a design proposal and take your measurements.


Definitive proposal in the form of a mousseline mockup for you to fit.


We meet  to fit the garment and make the potential adjustments.


I make the potential final adjustments and deliver the finished product.