Couture with integrity

Style, comfort & ethics

Like every creator, Inez has her own unique style. Her pieces are bold, sexy, and poetic.

What makes her a rare designer is the fact that her creativity expresses itself well beyond pure esthetics. Her extended craftsmanship allows her to create garments to not only admire, but to actually wear. She considers comfort, ethics and usability every step of the way. The sourcing of material, ease of movement and wear & tear matter a great deal to her.

A unique process

Inez Meer conceives and realises her designs from start to finish. Every piece is fully manufactured in her atelier in Amsterdam.

She has always been creating new fabrics by combining different elements. And recently, in her quest for ethical materials, she started custom-making her fabrics from scratch, spinning and weaving wool from local sheep.

She works well on commission and knows how to bring someone's vision to life. She is quick on her feet when technical problems are encountered.

She also designs her own collections and knows how to make proposals for specific wishes, body types and occasions.

Inspiration & influence

Inez gets inspired by everything she experiences. Annoyed by socks not fitting perfectly? She will investigate what makes a good sock and custom build a few pairs. Bored by the saddle on her bike? She will start a fashion saddle line. Disappointed by swimsuits? She will come up with a never budging and perfectly fitted swimsuit, complete with matching scarf and convenient beach bag.

Inez is a creative spirit. No matter the subject, she will imagine solutions for every problem she encounters.

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